The Museum

The Museum.

From Clay Pipes to Cream ware.

The Blue Pool Museum tells the story of clay mining in the area-an industry of great importance to the economy of Dorset, which traces its history back to the 16th century. The quality of Furzebrook clay was known to the Romans who had kilns in the area, but with the arrival of tobacco from the New World, clay became in great demand by the makers of clay tobacco pipes. By the 17th century, the craze for porcelain and the discovery that the extra fine white-firing clay from Furzebrook was ideal for fine china led to the expansion of the industry to supply such pottery manufacturers as Josiah Wedgwood.

There is a small collection of Chinese porcelain including a lidless Teapot now worth over £400,salvaged from the Dutch East Indiaman,Geldermalsen, wreaked in the south china sea in 1752,known as the Naking Cargo it arrived in Amsterdam 233 years late and the items were sold to collector’s worldwide,

Many Famous painters from Augustus John to A.R.Quinton have painted the Blue Pool over the years all capturing the Pool in their own unique ways, a selection of these painters works can be seen on display.


Dogs on leads are very welcome inside the Museum.